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We Are Providing Best IT Services.
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IT Services

We provide individuals / companies for technical and IT support.


Software / Hardware

We support to maintenance computer, hardware & software upgrades.


Laptop Repairs

If you are facing the problem with your laptop, we are here to help you.


Laptop Spare Parts

Lapfix is the fast and reliable source to replace your broken laptop spare parts.


Why Choose Us

laptop repair Specialist in industry

We provide professional servicing, cleaning, repair and upgrade services for your laptops.

Motherboard Repair

We,as specialists,carry out repairs of laptop motherboards

Spare Parts Replacements

Replacement of any faulty hardware part.

Format and OS Installation

Formatting makes your laptop speedier and cleaner


Want to Repair

We are the expert in all branded
laptop repairs

Repair & Solutions


Spare Parts Replacements

Best Parts with low cost

Motherboard repairs

Perfection and Hones

24/7 Repair & IT Services

Professional service

We repair all kinds of laptops

"Ranging from repair of faulty machines to non-repair maintenance and upgrade tasks, our laptop repair service is not brand specific, and we repair any manufacturer’s laptop."