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Laptop Repair & Services

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Laptop Repair & Services

Lapfix gives new life to your Laptop! Lapfix repairs all brands of Laptops notebook computers in the fastest turnaround time, saving precious time !.

Whether you need a screen replacement, hardware upgrade, or any other repairs done , our experienced technicians will help get your laptop back quickly to shorten your down time. We diagnose your Laptop problems and replace any parts that require upgrading, so your laptop is running like new again.

We will provide all the laptop spare parts like laptop screen, Adapter, Keyboard, Hard Disk on the same rate of Nehru place because we directly deal with manufacturing company whether it is located in Colombo.

Why we are specialist:
- Fault diagnostic testing.
- Replacement of any faulty hardware part.
- Windows & Linux filesystem repair.
- Slow laptop cleanup and speedup.
- Data Recovery, Backup & Transfer.
- Disk services including hard disk cloning, partitioning and erasure.
- Leading specialist in laptop cleaning.
- Only best quality manufacturer parts.

- laptop battery not charging.
- laptop is completely dead, no power, no lights and not making any sounds.
- power but blank screen no bios.
- Shows only logo splash screen.
- power but blank screen and bleeping.
- computer is bleeping after turning on and then switches itself off.
- flashing white cursor in corner and won’t boot.
- frozen white cursor in corner and won’t boot.
- an error occured while trying to read the boot configuration data.
- mbr error.
- black screen with just mouse cursor.
- blue screen then reboot.
- crashing.
- laptop crashes with blue screen when you press the wifi button to turn wifi on.
- freezing / locking up.
- slow.
- overheating.
- clicking sounds coming from computer.
- pop-ups.
- hijacked desktop.
- Ransomware demand.
- cannot remove virus.
- run out of space on hard disk - c: drive low on space.
- keyboard not working.
- mouse not working.
- usb not working or usb port broken.
- wifi network not working.
- ethernet port broken.
- no internet connection.
- laptop fan not working.
- laptop fan stuck.
- broken laptop screen.
- dim laptop screen.
- lines on laptop screen.
- White laptop Screen.
- Flickering laptop screen.
- Tatty, scratched, old, paint chipped, broken laptop case.
- laptop top palmrest broken.
- bottom of laptop case broken.
- laptop screen bezel cracked, broken or missing.
- laptop hinges broken.
- laptop trackpad not working, mousepad not working, mouse not working.
- non working laptop keyboard.
- some keys on laptop keyboard are not working or stuck.
- missing keys on laptop keyboard.
- cant see new hard disk.
- non working cd drive.
- non working dvd drive.
- non working blu-ray drive.
- time and date won’t stay set and change on every restart.
- not found.
- invalid system disk or disk error.
- Windows MSVCR71.dll is missing or unavailable.
- Windows NTLDR is missing error.
- Windows Unmountable Boot Sector errors.

We are here to ensure you that you don’t let a broken laptop complicate your life. Considering the amount of money you invest to buy a good, branded laptop, a good repair job can make all the difference to your machine.

We repair all kinds of laptops

"Ranging from repair of faulty machines to non-repair maintenance and upgrade tasks, our laptop repair service is not brand specific, and we repair any manufacturer’s laptop."