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OS installation & virus cleaning

Our Services / OS installation & virus cleaning


OS installation & virus cleaning

Most computer problems occur because of software corruption, with the virus and bugs in applications, it is very important that an attempt to repair is preceded by the backup of vital data and settings if any.

We can help you in installing of all the windows and application software and systems restore, windows recovery for all the Laptops and computers.

Software issues we deal with
- Software s Slow processing or hangs.
- Windows, linuxOS installation and Updates.
- Windows OS installation with data backup.
- Ms-office installation and upgrades.
- Formatting and cleaning the hard disk drives.
- Antivirus installation malware protections.
- Internet issues Wi-Fi issues.
- Other software installation.
- Other software issues.

- Basic data recovery from formatted and deleted partitions
- Book marks importing and exporting
- Computer Tune Ups
- Corel draw all versions installation
- Internet Connectivity / Wi-fi Repair issues
- Outlook configuration and pst backup
- Printer Set Ups / Troubleshooting wireless printer setup, sharing’s
- System general service, cable organizing, clean-up of dust
- Virus and Spyware malware removal
- windows 10 all admin options and regular usage
- Windows 10, 8.1 7 Original key backups
- windows 7 8 10 Home group creation, workgroup creation
- Dual OS install windows and Ubuntu
- Dual Os install Mac Os and windows
- Windows install in Macbook.

Malicious Malware could have infected your computer or laptop, learn the simple virus removal methods to protect your data. Computers have become an essential part of our lives; we use laptops and workstations for so many computational tasks and store a lot of personal information on these.

But we cannot ignore the fact; there are a lot of unethical people out there who specifically target the stored personal data of customers or valuable information through ransomware or viruses. Therefore, it becomes necessary to safeguard your system from such attacks.

We repair all kinds of laptops

"Ranging from repair of faulty machines to non-repair maintenance and upgrade tasks, our laptop repair service is not brand specific, and we repair any manufacturer’s laptop."